Mission Statement: To inspire and motivate people to voice their opinions and become politically active, in order to do their part in helping improve the quality of life in the world. And, to help the human race establish and maintain a balance with our planet, for future generations.

Principles, Values & Concepts of the Balance the World Foundation – .pdf     The attached concepts are a few of the main philosophies that will be focused on, in order to help fix our problems in the world and establish a balance with our planet.

Main 5 BTWF Objectives / Issues

BTWF Business Card Handouts


Intentions for the Foundation

  1. Promote Website/Blog and Social Media
  2. Continually improve the Foundation
  3. Turn Book into a series of Educational Videos.
  4. Offer Presentations/Meetings in Las Vegas
  5. Get Sponsors/Donations
  6. Radio Interviews around the Country
  7. Host BTWF Radio Talk Show
  8. Establish a BTWF Membership

 Future Intentions (Dreams) for the Foundation

  1. Embark on College & High School Tour giving Presentations
  2. Establish local BTWF Chapters around the Country
  3. Start a BTWF Educational TV Channel
  4. Finally, influence US Congress, and United Nations enough to actually make a difference in the World!!!

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