Balance the World – The Roots of Our Problems

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Introducing the 1st Edition of the controversial book Balance the World – The Roots of Our Problems, written by author Dave Dettman. The first edition was self-published through AuthorHouse Publishing, and was written without professional help (however, special thanks to four of my friends who did help, and kept me motivated). Self-publishing was used in order to keep the information genuine and not let it be changed by editors, and also to inspire other people to realize… they too, can get involved and offer their opinions without being a rich elitist, or have a PhD.

This book (and foundation) will be a life long project, and will continually be updated and improved. A 2nd edition is already planned, and this time it will be written with professional help in order to improve the content, writing, grammar, graphics, and distribution of the book. For now, please understand the ‘concepts and ideas’ are the main focus of this first edition. Also, the design is modeled after a high school textbook in order to be a reference book that can be read many times, and can help trigger your beliefs and opinions on how to help fix our problems in the world.

Book Highlights:

Balance the World – The Roots of Our Problems – How Selfishness & Stupidity are destroying our World, and Why Teamwork & Education are the Answers.

Opening Quote – “When it comes to fixing our problems in the world, people are either too stupid to understand them, or too selfish to care.” – Dave Dettman
This blunt opening quote is not meant to offend anyone. It was written to help people realize that we must first understand the roots of our problems, before we can fix any of our problems. This blunt, yet caring, ‘tell it like it is’ approach of the book and foundation is desperately needed in the world to help counter the fake, corrupt tactics used by too many of today’s leaders and politicians.


Introduction – The introduction simply sets the tone for what to expect while reading the book. It goes over the features and formats of the book, which include the use of graphs, charts, definitions, movie examples, as well as the important concept of balance.

Chapter 1Is Life Worth the Effort?
This opening chapter goes over a few of the many good things in life. Good things that make of fighting all of the problems in the world…worth the effort! – Including five keys to happiness.

Chapter 2Balance the World
This chapter explains how we are all different, and why war and fighting must stop in order for us to establish a balance with our planet.

Chapter 3World Peace
10 major concepts needed for the people of the world to be able to get along with each other, and for world peace to be realistic.

Chapter 4The Roots of Our ProblemsHow the combination of selfishness and stupidity are destroying our world, and why understanding this concept is so important.

Chapter 5SelfishnessThe importance of teamwork, compromise, and prioritizing.

Chapter 6StupidityThe importance of education, prevention, and mental toughness. Including suggestions on how to re-structure our educational systems.

Chapter 7Abuse of Religion Not religion itself but how religion get abused. My theories on religion, and how it prevents the much-needed, world-wide teamwork.

Chapter 8Bad Parenting– How over-population is killing our planet, and why bad parenting is the main cause. Including commonsense suggestions on good parenting.

Chapter 9 – So, What are the Answers? – Take action and simply do your part.

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