Balance the World Foundation Blog Re-Starts Today!

February 2012 marks the re-start of the official Blog for the Balance the World Foundation. It was originally started in Jan. 2011, but on February 2, 2011 the un-thinkable trajedy of losing my Dad to a heart attack put this blog on hold for a while (year), in order to grieve and get over his death. And, even though I miss him everyday, I am ready to get the blog (and business) moving in the right direction. The Blog will consist of opinions on the problems in the world, what is causing them, and ideas on how to fix them. The main objective of this blog will be to encourage ‘teamwork’, and for all of us to start doing a better job of getting along with each other. All in an effort to establish the #1 goal for society…which is to establish and maintain a balance between human beings and our planet that gives us life. We apologize in advance if anyone takes offense to our beliefs, politics and/or philosophies, but we promise…100% of our intentions are for the good of the world.

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