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The Roots of Our Problems – Selfishness & Stupidity!

What is causing our problems in the world? and Why won’t they go away?…
Answer: Because we do not look deep enough, when trying to solve our problems. We mainly go for the quick, superficial fix, and ignore the roots of our problems. Our media uses headlines instead of details. Employees are told not to talk about politics and religion at work, when they are the two most important topics in society. Citizens would rather gossip about the weather, sports or tv shows, then actually think or get involved. And finally, our leaders/politicians only discuss surface issues because they are too busy getting or keeping their jobs, instead of doing their jobs. All because we are afraid to discuss the roots of our problems…which is why we have so many problems, and why they won’t go away.
During the process of writing the book, ‘Balance the WorldThe Roots of Our Problems’ – 1st Edition, one key concept kept arising time after time…the concept of ‘Why?‘…And so the task of figuring out ‘why’ ended up being an overall theme of the book. In fact, every time a problem was thought to have been figured out, the question…”Well, what is causing that?” kept coming up. Until finally, after years of thinking, writing, and digging deeper, it was realized that…Every problem in the world can be traced back to a combination of two things…We either don’t know how to fix a problem, or we don’t care about a problem!…Or, a more blunt, controversial way of explaining this concept can be summed up in one quick sentence…
‘Every problem in the world can be traced back to a combination of Selfishness &/or Stupidity in one way or another’.
Try it for yourself…think of a problem in the world, then figure out what is causing it…again and again…until you have dug clear down to the root of the problem, in which you will realize…we either don’t understand a problem, or we don’t care about fixing it!
Now, obviously our problems are far more complex to be fully explained in one sentence (or one blog post), but it is important to simplify things for the sake of basic conversation, and so everyone can understand. This is necessary, because if we are ever going to fix our problems we will have to do a better job of working together and educating each other. Or, using the concept of ‘Teamwork & Education’, which are the opposites (or cures) for ‘Selfishness & Stupidity’.
In closing, it is very important to state how this blog was not meant to offend, or even scold anyone (because we are all guilty of Selfishness & Stupidity to some degree…especially me!), but to shed light on the roots of our problems. And, once we understand what is causing our problems…we can start fixing them. Just remember to be open-minded when discussing and debating our problems, without arguing! And finally, simply keep in mind how we all should have the same goal…to find and establish a balance between human beings and our planet that gives us life, or…to Balance the World!

Human Over-Population – The World’s #1 Measurable Problem!

Our planet Earth is a miracle of the universe, and at the moment, is the only one we know of that provides life for human beings. Because of this reality, the real questions we must ask are…
How many human beings can our planet handle? How many people can our planet’s natural resources provide for? Where is the balance between our human population and our planet? The answers to these questions are arguably the most important in the world, yet most people don’t even care to stop and think about them. It is this concept that makes human over-population a major focus of the BTWF, and why we believe it to be the world’s #1 measureable problem.
The real question is; how many people is too many? 2 Billion? 7 Billion? 10 Billion? While everyone has their own opinions, we will leave that question for the experts to figure out. And speaking of experts, we would like to introduce you to a similar organization we highly endorse, along with their new documentary ‘Growthbusters”. Here is the trailer for their documentary, along with a video about population growth, to help you better understand a few of our concerns….

These videos show there are other like-minded people/organizations already working hard to address these issues. Our job here at the BTWF is to help bring awareness to the problem, and to help people understand how there will eventually be too many people for the planet to handle…in the future…if not already as the video showed.
However, the main job of the BTWF is to help people understand what is ‘causing’ our human population to grow so fast. And, while there are many reasons, we would like to briefly bring your attention to the top four causes of over-population (as well as the rest of our problems in the world)…#1 Selfishness – #2 Stupidity – #3 Abuse of Religion – #4 Bad Parenting.
Best example of how ‘Selfishness’ causes over-population… “Who cares about over-population?…I’ll be dead before it effects me!” We are not saying everyone who is alive now should have to give up their happiness in order for people ‘who are not even born yet’ to benefit. We are simply saying…1) It is our responsibility to take care of our planet while we are alive, in addition to pursuing our own happiness, and 2) It is extremely important to take care of the one thing we know for sure that gives us life…our planet!
Best example of how ‘Stupidity’ causes over-population… “World’s biggest problem…Idiots Breed!” While this slogan can be seen as rather harsh or offensive…it really is true. 1) There are too many people in the world who believe the planet can provide for an infinite number of human beings, and 2) There are too many people in the world doing more harm than good, by passing their mindless, illogical beliefs on life, down to future generations.
Best example of how ‘Abuse of Religion’ causes over-population… “Our problems are too big to fix, and only God can fix them!” , or “If we destroy this planet, God will just fix it for us, or gives us a new one!” Well, it’s pretty obvious…if there is a God, he leaves our problems for us to fix ourselves. Therefore, people who use these excuses are just being selfish and lazy so they don’t have to do anything to help, and not feel guilty in the process.
Best example of how ‘Bad Parenting’ causes over-population… “Oops! We’re Pregnant!” Yes, accidents do happen, and this is not about scolding those who this has happened to. However, in moving forward, we must do a better job at preventing unwanted pregnancies, and work towards making sure almost every pregnancy is planned, and not an accident. But, most importantly, to make sure everyone understands… 1) A human being is not required to reproduce and have children, and therefore, should not be scorned or alienated if they decide not to have kids, and 2) A person does need to have children in order to have a full and successful life.

In closing, all of these topics will have many posts devoted entirely to them individually. For now, it was important to hit on the basics of each to show how they effect/cause the problem of human over-population.

Balance the World Foundation – Las Vegas, NV

The ‘Balance the World Foundation’ is now an officially licensed business in Las Vegas, NV. A foundation doing its part to help fix the problems in the world through ‘Teamwork & Education’! – Las Vegas was mainly chosen because of its ‘Racial and Cultural Diversity’ (melting pot), because teamwork isn’t needed from within one race only, but from all races and cultures around the world. A few other factors for chosing Vegas include…excellent ‘Convention’ capabilities – high ‘Visitor’ traffic for marketing the BTWF to people from all over the world – ‘Adult’ atmosphere to help encourage more and more people to remain childfree – high quality of ‘Entertainment’ – and finally…the ‘Warm Weather’!

Balance the World Foundation Blog Re-Starts Today!

February 2012 marks the re-start of the official Blog for the Balance the World Foundation. It was originally started in Jan. 2011, but on February 2, 2011 the un-thinkable trajedy of losing my Dad to a heart attack put this blog on hold for a while (year), in order to grieve and get over his death. And, even though I miss him everyday, I am ready to get the blog (and business) moving in the right direction. The Blog will consist of opinions on the problems in the world, what is causing them, and ideas on how to fix them. The main objective of this blog will be to encourage ‘teamwork’, and for all of us to start doing a better job of getting along with each other. All in an effort to establish the #1 goal for society…which is to establish and maintain a balance between human beings and our planet that gives us life. We apologize in advance if anyone takes offense to our beliefs, politics and/or philosophies, but we promise…100% of our intentions are for the good of the world.