The Roots of Our Problems – Selfishness & Stupidity!

What is causing our problems in the world? and Why won’t they go away?…
Answer: Because we do not look deep enough, when trying to solve our problems. We mainly go for the quick, superficial fix, and ignore the roots of our problems. Our media uses headlines instead of details. Employees are told not to talk about politics and religion at work, when they are the two most important topics in society. Citizens would rather gossip about the weather, sports or tv shows, then actually think or get involved. And finally, our leaders/politicians only discuss surface issues because they are too busy getting or keeping their jobs, instead of doing their jobs. All because we are afraid to discuss the roots of our problems…which is why we have so many problems, and why they won’t go away.
During the process of writing the book, ‘Balance the WorldThe Roots of Our Problems’ – 1st Edition, one key concept kept arising time after time…the concept of ‘Why?‘…And so the task of figuring out ‘why’ ended up being an overall theme of the book. In fact, every time a problem was thought to have been figured out, the question…”Well, what is causing that?” kept coming up. Until finally, after years of thinking, writing, and digging deeper, it was realized that…Every problem in the world can be traced back to a combination of two things…We either don’t know how to fix a problem, or we don’t care about a problem!…Or, a more blunt, controversial way of explaining this concept can be summed up in one quick sentence…
‘Every problem in the world can be traced back to a combination of Selfishness &/or Stupidity in one way or another’.
Try it for yourself…think of a problem in the world, then figure out what is causing it…again and again…until you have dug clear down to the root of the problem, in which you will realize…we either don’t understand a problem, or we don’t care about fixing it!
Now, obviously our problems are far more complex to be fully explained in one sentence (or one blog post), but it is important to simplify things for the sake of basic conversation, and so everyone can understand. This is necessary, because if we are ever going to fix our problems we will have to do a better job of working together and educating each other. Or, using the concept of ‘Teamwork & Education’, which are the opposites (or cures) for ‘Selfishness & Stupidity’.
In closing, it is very important to state how this blog was not meant to offend, or even scold anyone (because we are all guilty of Selfishness & Stupidity to some degree…especially me!), but to shed light on the roots of our problems. And, once we understand what is causing our problems…we can start fixing them. Just remember to be open-minded when discussing and debating our problems, without arguing! And finally, simply keep in mind how we all should have the same goal…to find and establish a balance between human beings and our planet that gives us life, or…to Balance the World!

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