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***Attention*** – The Balance the World Foundation is not yet an ‘official’ Non-Profit Charity. We will eventually (hopefully within 2 years) be legally incorporating the foundation, and applying for tax-exempt status with the IRS. Until then, any donations made at this time are not tax-deductible.

The following are some of the most important things needed to help the foundation.

  1. Spread the Word – Forward any E-mails, Blogs, Facebook Posts, etc.
  2. Comments, Feedback & Ideas – Anything that will help improve the organization is welcomed.
  3. Web Designer – To help with improving this Website.
  4. Publicist – To help schedule Radio & Television Interviews, as well as Educational Presentations and Seminars.
  5. Social Media Consultant – Someone to help market the Organization through Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  6. National Publisher – To help distribute the book world-wide, and to help write a more professional 2nd edition.
  7. Documentary Film Maker – To help make the book into a Documentary (with animation).
  8. Non-Profit Corporation Lawyer – To help officially incorporate the foundation into a Non-Profit Corporation.
  9. Financial Donations – Until the Foundation becomes a non-profit…every little donation helps us grow.

If you would like to donate, or help out in any way, please leave a comment in the box below, or use the Contact Form on the ‘Contact Us’ page to leave your information. Thank You!

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